The Rock City Summer Classic

Youth Boys Basketball Tournament in Little Rock, AR
Boys and Girls 8 - 15 Under ~ June 2 - June 3, 2018

MLK Information & Rules

8th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Classic Event Information

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Classic is held in honor of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to provide and atmosphere of competitive basketball for kids of all walks of life. Regarless of their race, religion, color, or creed.  

Dr. Martin Luther King Qoute:  

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream, 1963.

Location: JA Fair High School

Coaches you must fill out the waiver form before your team can play. 

Team Entry $100

Door Entry: Per Person - $5 All Day Pass      

Concession Stand Will Be Open No team Drinks will be allowed in Gym!!!!

Tournament Rules

We Will Not Make Any Exceptions This Year After The Tournament Has Started!!! Let's Play Basketball!!

  1. The official playing rules will be the national federation of state high school rules for the current year as modified by MLK Tournament Director.
  2. Playing times: All Grades
    4 - 8 Min Quarters running clock, clock stops the last 2 min on every dead ball of 2nd and 4th quarter.  Overtime 2 mins running clock. 2nd Overtime 1 min running clock. 3rd Overtime - Sudden Death - Free Throws. 3 players from each team will shoot 2 free throws per player.
  3. A clock and score keeper will be provided by site director.
  4. The official game size basketball for 1st - 6th Grade is 28.5
  5. Time Outs:
    Each team will be given 1 full and two thirty's for each half. Time outs will not carry over. 
  6. Each team will be given 3 minutes to warm up and 3 minutes for halftime
    Each team is responsible for cleaning the bench area leaving it tidy for the next game.
  7. Mercy Rule:
    2nd - 4th Grade teams ahead by 15  or more points in the game will result in running clock and leading team must stay inside 3 point line for rest of the game until lead drops below 15 points. 5th and 6th Grade Teams ahead by 20 or more points in the game will result in a running clock.
    Teams must stay inside the 3 point line after they are ahead by 20 points.
  8. If the lead drops below 20 points normal rules (stopped clock) will resume.
  9. 1st grade there will be no pressing. Teams must stay inside three point line.
  10. Pressing Rules 2nd - 3rd Grade teams cannot press Full court - Teams may on press Half court only!
  11. There will be no arguing or debating referee calls. His/Her call is the final call.
  12. Each team is responsible for their warm - up and game balls. Home team is also responsible for supplying the game ball.
  13. Protests: All protest must be submitted in writing accompanied by $200 in cash.
    All protest must be done during pool play and not during bracket play. The protesting teams $200 will be refunded if the protest is upheld and forfeited if the protest is not upheld. Teams being protested must produce a legal birth certificate or a current report card on the spot. A final decision will be made by the tournament director and will not be subject to any further discussion.


We Appreciate Your Team Playing!!!